September 30, 2020

CPR's Clubhouse

The #1 Freestyle Show in All of Freestyle

CPR’s Clubhouse ( Legendary)

93 minutes

CPR’s Clubhouse (Legendary) A Lisa B featuring Charlie Babie LEGENDARY debuts on this week’s edition of CPR’s Clubhouse The Podcast with new music from Audi Medina RED STRIPES. Plus THE FAMOUS MAKE IT OR BREAK IT returns featuring The Santana Twins featuring Remio YOU ARE THE ONE. Plus CPR’s Top 10 Countdown has 2 debuts and music from Gabriella, Rebekka, Phillip Anthony, Charlie Babie featuring A Lisa B, Melissa Love, AP3 featuring Flo Rida, Angel Mena and Nick Colon.

Plus Tim Spinnin Schommer Mix at the end of the podcast.

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