CPR’s Clubhouse (Atypical)

115 minutes CPR’s Clubhouse (Atypical) 2 hours of Freestyle featuring classic, current and new music from all your favorite Artists including George Lamond, Tina Ann, George Anthony, Synthia Figueroa, Adelis, Tony Armas, Poze, Wendy, Jason Tomi, Sharyn Maceren and new exclusive music from Nu Fe featuring Karina Skye. Plus CPR’s Top 10 Countdown featuring the […]

CPR’s Clubhouse (Have It)

120 minutes CPR’s Clubhouse (Have It) The new song from AP3 formerly Audio Playgroud, HAVE IT featuring Flo Rida is an exclusive premiere this week on CPR’s Clubhouse The Podcast. Get the English and Spanish Version of the song on your digital distribution sites or go to www.ap3music.com BUT THATS NOT ALL Exclusive new music […]

CPR’s Clubhouse (Ayudame Broken Tell Me)

Listen to “CPR's Clubhouse (Ayudame Broken Tell Me)” on Spreaker. 117 minutes CPR’s Clubhouse (Ayudame Broken Tell Me) 2 hours of jammed packed Freestyle featuring Mr. Exclusive New Music from Charlie Babie featuring A Lisa B TELL ME, The Santana Twins featuring Nick Colon BROKEN and Alex Zuniga AYUDAME. Plus music from Rochelle, Isaac, Stevie […]

CPR’s Clubhouse (Taina vs Gabriella)

CPR’s Clubhouse (Taina vs Gabriella) 84 minutes CPR’s Clubhouse (Taina vs Gabriella) The Ladies of Six Centz, Taina and Gabriella battle it out for the number one spot on CPR’s Top 10 Countdown, The Only Top 10 Countdown in All of Freestyle, that Matters. With music from George Anthony, Raul Soto, Rudy Fausto, Edee, Lily […]

CPR’s Clubhouse (The Ladies of Six Centz)

CPR’s Clubhouse (The Ladies of Six Centz) 89 minutes The Ladies of Six Centz, Taina and Gabriella stop by the Club House Dance Music Studios Live! to meet and greet some of their fans, help host CPR’s Top 10 Countdown and talk to us about their up and coming dual digital releases. Taina featuring Angel […]

The History of TKA by K7 (UNCUT)

    The History of TKA by K7 (UNCUT) The History of TKA by K7 is the UNCUT interview portions of the episode segments without the music of TKA. K7 discusses: Aby and the other former members of the group Social Media telling of history Punching a fan in the face? The history of the […]

CPR’s Clubhouse (Forbidden Tomorrow)

CPR’s Clubhouse (Forbidden Tomorrow) Yesterday ยท 57 minutes CPR’s Clubhouse (Forbidden Tomorrow) 376 is the episode, CPR’s Clubhouse is the podcast. Listen to the number one Freestyle Show in all of Frestyle featuring George Anthony, Taina, Angel Mena, Jasmine Denis, Edee, Lily Rose, Gabriella and two new additions to the countdown. Go to www.cprsmusic.com for […]

CPR’s Clubhouse (Angel Mena NSR Countdown)

CPR’s Clubhouse (Angel Mena NSR Countdown) 110 minutes CPR’s Clubhouse (Angel Mena NSR Countdown) We celebrate the 6th year anniversary (yes, I am a year late) of NSR, New School Royalty Recording Group by counting down the Top 10 songs on NSR recorded by Angel Mena as voted by you our listeners. Angel Mena also […]

CPR’s Clubhouse (True Lies)

Become a Patron! CPR’s Clubhouse (True Lies) The results of your votes are in and we find out who will be number one. Edee ALL MY LOVE and George Anthony CHANCE TO LOVE battle it out for the number one spot. Plus we shout out all of the active listeners on Facebook Live. We also […]

CPR’s Clubhouse (Under Construction)

CPR’s Clubhouse (Under Construction) Carpet installations, computer sounds, Facebook Live and double audio takes place at the same time we record this blooper filled edition of CPR’s Top 10 Countdown. Featuring The 20 Year Old Freestyle TEMPTATION, Gabriella Pulice, The 9 Year Old Freestyle Sensation, Lily Rose who released the video to her smash hit, […]