CPR’s Clubhouse (Wisdom of the Crowd)

83 minutes
CPR’s Clubhouse (Wisdom of the Crowd) Charlie Babie featuring A Lisa B look to be number one for two weeks in a row while we have a new addition to the countdown. Plus Mr Exclusive presents Angel Mena DEVIL IN ME remix and the return of Phillip Anthony OVER and OVER AGAIN, a song he recorded for his wife, Maria Anthony. I KNOW THE REAL LAST NAME!

Plus THE UNKNOWN ADMN, Rafael Reyes returns with a mix featuring JEME, CORO, CORINA, PURE PLEAZURE, SAIGE and much more. Hosted by CPR Jose Ortiz featuring music from Melissa Love, NuFe featuring Karina Skye, Gabriella, Rudy Fausto, AP3 featuring FLO RIDA, Audi Medina and The Santana Twins featuring Nick Colon.

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