September 29, 2020

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CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Podcast (Slipping Through My Hands)

CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Podcast (Slipping Through My Hands)

The wait is over! – TKA – Slipping Through My Hands is here! Written by A Lisa B. (Praying For An Angel/In My Heart/Legendary) Produced by Willie Valentin and Available July 3, 2020 on Artistik/418 Freestyle.
On this episode we get the results of the CPR’s Clubhouse Facebook Poll – Who will be number one? George Anthony or Diddle D? The votes have been tabulated.

Featured on this week’s CPR’s Top 20 Freestyle Countdown
• Audi Medina – Good Night
• Stevie B. featuring Jenni Renee – It’s All Right
• Touch of Qualify – (Be) My Summer Love
• Jenaro – Scars
• Mia – No Reason To Cry (Redux)
• Pure Pleazure – Black and White (Artistik Remix)
• Quadlibet – Spread Your Wings
• Lilly De La Cerda – Confusions of the Heart
• Luis Marte – Apology IOU
• Julio Mena – Never End (FREE DOWNLOAD)
• Sharyn Maceren – God Only Knows
• Taina – Happy Now (NSR Remix )
• Jae Mazor – Breath Away
• The First Family of Freestyle, TKA and Cynthia featuring Judy Torres – Don’t Call It Love
• Elvira Miglino – My Reason Why (Mr. Mig Freestyle Mix)
• Willie Valentin – Dedicate My Love
• Chrissy I-eece – All These Memories
• Diddle D – Into the Night
• George Anthony – All The Way (Artistik Remix)
• George Anthony – You Should’ve Told Me

Plus new music
• Devor – Tell Me (2020),
• E’dee – I Truly Love You
• Jessee B. This Is Life
• Fabian – Heart’s On Fire

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