September 29, 2020

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CPR’s Clubhouse – The Freestyle Podcast (Episode 645) Part Two

CPR’s Clubhouse – The Freestyle Podcast (Episode 645) Part Two

Welcome back to hour number two of the CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Podcast, hosted by CPR Jose Ortiz

Who will be number one? Willie Valentin’s Dedicate My Love defends it’s top spot against Jae Mazor’s (You Take My ) Breath Away

Featuring music from

  • Pure Pleazure – Black and White (Artistik Remix)
  • Sharyn Maceren – God Only Knows
  • Elvira Miglino – My Reason Why (Mr. Mig Freestyle Mix)
  • (The First Family of Freestyle) TKA, Cynthia featuring Judy Torres – Don’t Call It Love
  • Diddle D – Into the Night
  • Chrissy I-eece – All Theses Memories
  • George Anthony – All The Way (Artistik Remix)
  • Taina – Happy Now (NSR Remix by Angel Mena)

Plus the debut of George Anthony’s YOU SHOULD’VE TOLD ME

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