CPR’s Top 20 Freestyle Countdown (Breath Away)

CPR’s Top 20 Freestyle Countdown (Breath Away)

It’s the first hour of this week’s edition of CPR’s Top 20 Freestyle Countdown featuring Jae Mazor – Breath Away, produced by Jay Alams – available May 8, 2020

Plus Exclusive new content from Angel Mena – Is This Love 2020 and Quadlibet – Spread Your Wings – A song dedicated to the memory of Rogelio Aponte

Quadlibet – Spread Your Wings (Video)

and that is NOT all!!! It’s the 1st Hour of CPR’s Top 20 Countdown featuring music from Stevie B, AP3, Adelis, Miguel Reyes Jr, Jae Mazor, In Order f. Angel Mena, Angelica Joni, Ricardo Vazquez f Joseph Staub and the debut of Sharyn Maceren on the countdown

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