July 12, 2020

CPR's Clubhouse

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CPR’s Clubhouse featuring Jae Mazor

CPR’s Clubhouse featuring Jae Mazor

For the first time on Club House Dance Music we welcome, Jae Mazor.

Jae Mazor has been dubbed, The Prince of Freestyle. Listen on how he got the moniker. Plus we feature his latest track, Born 2 Luv and Don’t Even Know Me. Also in the studio, George Anthony, Jay Alams, La Jefa, Cheryl Rodriguez and her bodyguard, Virgil and Eummyr.

Listen to CPR’s Top 10 Countdown featuring music from Jae Mazor, Pure Pleazure, Adelis, Blue Ivy, Touch of Qualify featuring Antonio Mercado, Angelica Joni, Angel Mena, Stevie B, Jennie Renee and AP3


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