CPR’s Clubhouse (Owl Be True)

CPR’s Clubhouse (Owl Be True)

Introducing Cheryl Rodriguez; the newest member of CPR’s Clubhouse and future host of Club House Dance Music on 90.7 FM WTCC in Western MA and CT

Fondly known as Owl Be True on social media, Cheryl Rodriguez is a Freestyle historian and student of the genre.

Listen to her segment at 30:50 of the podcast; dedicated to Synthia Figueroa

We also countdown the hottest songs in Freestyle today

featuring George Anthony vs George Lamond, Giggles (Marla), Julio Mena, Shawn Davis, Jenni Renee featuring Synthia Figueroa, Spanish Fly featuring Aki Starr, Ray Guell, Nyasia, Johnny O. and Zoe.

Listen to CPR’s Clubhouse Podcast by clicking the links to the following apps: CLICK HERE or CHOOSE FROM THE LIST

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