CPR’s Clubhouse (Freestyle Premiere)

Four Freestyle Premieres are featured this week on the CPR’s Clubhouse Podcast featuring Adelis’ first song in 20 years. The return of Shawn Davis, Audi Medina and the combination of Aiki and Jae Mazor. Plus CPR’s Top 10 Countdown heat us as Jenni Renee, Jae Mazor, Audi Medina and Johnny O. battle it out for the number one spot. With music from Diddle D, Aki Starr, Aiki, Julio Mena, Mark Milan, Lisette Melendez and Cynthia; collectively known as LisCyn

Adelis – Run To Me
01. Run To Me (Freestyle Radio Edit)
02. Run To Me (Extended Mix)
03. Run To Me (Club Mix)
04. Run To Me (Dance Double T Remix)
TST featuring Shawn Davis – Heartbeat Away
01. Heartbeat Away (Iheart Mix)
02. Heartbeat Away (Hearthrob Club Mix)
03. Heartbeat Away (Cardiac Arrest Editz Dub)
04. Heartbeat Away (Aim Heartbeat Dub)
05.Heartbeat Away (Tst Aim Bass & Drums Mix)
06. Heartbeat Away (Hearthrob Synthapella)
Aiki and Jae Mazor
01. Dream Of You Love
Audi Medina

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