CPR’s Clubhouse (With All My Heart)

CPR’s Clubhouse (With All My Heart)

The first CPR’s Top 10 Countdown of 2019 is here with the hottest songs in Freestyle today


  • Berrios vs Zone – RUNNING REDUX featuring TKA, George Lamond and C-Bank
  • Lisette Melendez – RISE REMIX featuring Judy Torres, Lisa Lisa and C-Bank
  • Jocelyn Enriquez – TO LOVE AGAIN
  • Wendy – IF I TELL YOU
  • Quadlibet – TAKE ME
  • TKA – BETH
  • Aki Starr – VOICES IN MY HEAD
  • Luis Marte – FOR ALL MY LIFE
  • The Freestyle Academy – I’M A DREAMER
  • Plus The Mr. Exclusive Premiere of SHY – WITH ALL MY HEART

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