CPR’s Clubhouse (SHINE)

CPR’s Clubhouse (SHINE)

The Former Queen of Tazmania Records, Stefanie Bennett is back independently releasing her new song, SHINE.

Join Mr. Exclusive, CPR Jose Ortiz as we debut the track live on Club House Dance Music and the CPR’s Clubhouse Podcast

Plus Miguel Reyes Jr. returns 21 years later to a song that was never completed until 2018, Like The First Time. Produced and completed my Sal “Madman” Medina

Plus music for Victoria featuring Nick Colon – If I Come Back

CPR’s Top 10 Countdown features

  • Lisette Melendez – RISE
  • Julio Mena – INTOXICATED
  • Sharyn Maceren – ALL DAY ALL NIGHT
  • Quadlibet – JUST WANT TO
  • Audi Medina – NO MORE
  • Diddle D – THE TRUTH
  • Rudy Fausto – STRINGS OF MY HEART
  • Natalia – BE STRONG


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