The Freestyle Club (Episode 4: REDACTED)

The Freestyle Club (Episode 4: REDACTED)

In this episode of The Freestyle Club – Redacted – Episode 4, we invite artist and songwriter from both sides of the Chicago Music Scene to pick a topic for discussion. Please join Radio Personality CPR Jose Ortiz, Life Long Freestyle Fan, and Former DeeJay – DaUnknownAdmin, as we welcome A’Lisa B to the conversation.

Listen in as A’lisa B share’s her experience as being part of a group and then going off on her own and goes into details about the pros and cons for both. The Freestyle Club also briefly discusses the lost of Aretha Franklin, life in Chicago, and what is next for A’Lisa B. The Freestyle Club discusses her career as both a House Music and Freestyle Music artist. We cover the songs she has written and sang in both genres. A’Lisa B tell us which genre holds a special place in her heart. A’Lisa B touches on future projects such as the upcoming release of her latest Freestyle song, Memories of Love, as well as the possibilities of a Freestyle album and new House Music song. She also hints at other projects that are in the works, including one with our very own CPR Jose Ortiz.

Finally, The Freestyle Club questions A’Lisa B about who she would like to work with in the near future and who she would like to produce for her in the future. Where To Find Alisa B A’Lisa B On Facebook A’Lisa B On Twitter Freestyle News And Pick Hit Of The Week Tune in as we each give our opinions on the current hot topics and events currently in Freestyle. We also pick a track each week that we consider to be noteworthy.

Alisa B: In Memory of Aretha Franklin, A Lisa B chose Freeway of Love

CPR Jose Ortiz: La Bouche – Night After Night (Josh Weisman Freestyle Remix)

DaUnknownAdmin: Rudy Fausto – Strings of My Heart

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