CPR Jose Ortiz presents DAUNKNOWNADMIN (Double Feature)

Rafael Reyes is DAUNKNOWNADMIN! DJ, Podcaster and the GodFather of the Freestyle Boards and iRadio. The success of many Freestyle websites, podcasts and iradio stations, including CPR’s Clubhouse The Podcast is owed to Rafael Reyes who not only builds content for personalities like me but innovates various mediums to provide content for the Freestyle community. The submission of these mixes are just a sample. Visit DAUNKNOWNADMIN at DAUNKNOWNADMIN.COM

I make my second appearance, but my first exclusive mix for CPR’s Clubhouse with an all Nu Skool mix of the latest and greatest in Freestyle. It felt great to knock the dust off my equipment, flip the switches and grind out a quick 15 Freestyle minute mix.

As featured on CPR’s Clubhouse
Airing April 27, 2017

1. Anything – Sammy Zone
2. I Must Go On – Synthia Figueroa
3. Tu Y Yo Alex – Lation Nation
4. I Fell In Love Again – Jasmine Denis
5. Done With Love – Angel Mena
6. It’s Over – E’dee f Artie and Legit
7. I’m Done – Susan Santiago

Club House Dance Music Guest Mix : This is Round Two of CPR’s Clubhouse Dance Music guest DJ Mix. Click, Listen, Download, And Share another Freestyle mix featuring the best of the newest music in Freestyle.

Freestyle Mix Playlist
1] No One Like You – Willie Valentin
2] I Believed In You – Quadlibet
3] Look Inside My Heart – Synthia Figueroa
4] Toxic – Taina (Valentin Remix)
5] Come Dance With Me
6] Tear Shed – MKG featuring Emery 2016 (Peter Presta Remix)
7] When Will I See You Again -TKA (Bastid Blend Remix)

CPR Jose Ortiz hosts Freestyle Music’s longest running podcast featuring the best of what’s new in Freestyle Music and showcasing up and coming new artists. Other highlights of the show are artist interviews, free music CDs and concert ticket giveaways, and Freestyle’s only Top 10 Countdown.

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