September 30, 2020

CPR's Clubhouse

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CPR’s Clubhouse (Rebekka and the Dr.)

CPR’s Clubhouse (Rebekka and the Dr) Rebekka and the Dr Javier Ayala join us live in studio on Club House Dance Music on 90.7 FM and the CPR’s Clubhouse Podcast. Rebekka and Dr. Javi talk the new single, BLACK AND BLUE, some New England Freestyle History and some fun back and forth banter. We also countdown the hottest 10 songs in Freestyle today on CPR’s Top 10 Countdown.10 Audi Medina LOST, 09 Melissa Love BY YOUR SIDE, 08. Julio Mena OLD SCHOOL LOVE, 07 Rebekka BLACK AND BLUE, 06 Gabriella TEMPTATION, 05 Phillip Anthony OVER AND OVER AGAIN, 04 AP3 featuring Flo Rida HAVE IT, 03 Angel Mena DEVIL IN ME 02 Nick Colon BROKEN 01 Charlie Babie featuring A Lisa B TELL MEHosted by CPR Jose Ortiz Visit our website at