CPR’s Clubhouse (Candyman)


CPR’s Clubhouse (Candyman)

Click play and listen to the top 10 Freestyle songs in Freestyle today. Taken from social media, DJs, iradio stations and the requests of the fans. Will Willie Valentin retain the number one spot for 3 weeks? Who will be the NO WAY JOSE track of the night? Featuring music from Susan Santiago, Quadlibet, TKA, Nyasia, Edee, Artie and Legit, Rebekka, Angel Mena and many more. Go to www.cprsmusic.com and get links to our podcast. Please go to itunes and look for CPRs Clubhouse and leave a review and five stars.

Hosted by CPR Jose Ortiz

Listen to “CPR's Clubhouse (Candyman)” on Spreaker.

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