CPR’s Clubhouse 300th Episode (featuring Frankie J)


CPR’s Clubhouse 300th Episode (featuring Frankie J)

CPR’s Clubhouse Podcast celebrates it’s 300th episode with special guest, Frankie J. Join us as Frankie J discusses his early career in Freestyle, his new song and video, BREAKIN and his future plans in the genre of music. We also find out if Frankie J’s BREAKIN is number one for 6 weeks in a row. Featuring music from Jill Tirrell, TKA, Taina and Ty Bless, Quadlibet, Shawn Davis and many more.

Listen to the number one Freestyle show in all of Freestyle hosted by CPR Jose Ortiz live from 90.7FM in Western MA and CT.

Get links to our podcast at www.cprsmusic.com

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