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We pay tribute to the late, great DJ Porkie on his birth date by presenting

CPR vs Porkie “All Stars Mega Mix” Part I and II 

A message from CPR Jose Ortiz

Today would have been DJ Porkie’s Birthday and we pay tribute to him by featuring his greatest creation, The All Stars Mega Mix Part 1 and 2. DJ Porkie spend countless hours, nights and weekends putting this mix together. I remember getting phone calls from him at all times of the night asking me if it sounded good. All he ever wanted was to be great and great he was. He mixed his ass off day in and day out in hopes to one day be spinning on a CT. commercial radio station. I have no doubt that it would have happened if he were alive. You can hear his passion in this mix.

This All Stars Mega Mix was his vision; to blend different genres of music together as one uniting music lovers everywhere.

I hope you enjoy this mix;

Download it, stream it and  play it loud!  Today! on his birthday,  February 7, 2018


Benjamin Castro

DJ Porkie




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