846. CPR, Potts and Duchess

846. CPR, Potts and Duchess

This special 3-hour episode features CPR’s Top 10 Countdown: The Only Countdown That Matters! with the Mr. Exclusive Freestyle Premiere of April, Heart In Pieces, Artistik Remix by Willie Valentin


  1. Denine – Change on Me (4 weeks)
  2. Jessee B and Mia – Why Can’t I
  3. 3 To Da Max – Mind Body and Soul
  4. Nyasia – When Will Our Hearts Be Together
  5. April – Heart In Pieces (Artistik Remix) Mr. Exclusive Freestyle Premiere
  6. Lily Rose and Juliana Lee – How You Make Me Feel
  7. Erik Christian – Broken, Til You
  8. Luis Marte and Rebekka – Meant 2 Be
  9. Ayna – Walked Out On Me (new)
  10. Voice In Fashion – Chained (new)

Hour 2: Freestyle Music Radio DJ of the Year, Cliff Potts: The Vinyl Assasin Mix (1 hr)

Hour 3: The Duchess Hosts her classic and recurring Freestyle segment (1hr)

Link to podcast – https://link.chtbl.com/_li89zL2

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