838. Remembering Giggles (03.13.68-03.18.2024)

838. Remembering Giggles (03.13.68-03.18.2024)

Maria Christina Respeto, THE REAL Giggles who sang the Billboard Top 100 chart topping hits like “What Goes Around Comes Around” and the iconic Freestyle jam, “Love Letter” passed away this Monday March, 18, 2024 after a lengthy health battle.

On behalf of CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Universe and The Freestyle Flagship, Club House Dance Music we would like to send our condolences to her family, friends and fans all over the world.

Also on this episode, The Duchess, Cheryl Rodriguez hosts CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Universe Top 10 Countdown featuring Denine and George LaMond, Lily Rose and Juliana Lee, Erik Christian, Nyasia, Serene, Jenni Renee, April, Rebekka and Luis Marte, Jenaro and Vera, George Anthony and Soave

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