809. CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Universe (In Memory of Alize, Liz Alves)

809. CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Universe (In Memory of Alize, Liz Alves)

We dedicate this episode to the memory of Alize, Liz Alves.

Dr. Chapman wrote that there are 5 love languages

1. Words of affirmation

2. Acts of service

3. Physical Touch

4. Quality Time

5. Receiving Gifts

Liz Alves practiced the five love languages daily. You can tell how much she loved you by the hours and miles she was willing to travel just to see you; if only for a minute.

This was not only in Freestyle, but she did this for anyone she loved

I can only imagine what the speedometer on her car looked like!

At a time where the was no Siri, MapQuest or Garmin you would see Liz in Massachusetts on Friday, Philadelphia on Saturday and Buffalo New York on Sunday; she was that much of a lover of Freestyle Music and the friends she made in it.

Our 20+ year, book Damian bit never got old – She was his biggest fan.

Recently I questioned my value to this genre; there was Liz Alves with words of affirmation, sending positive messages and sharing her quality time.

She was an amazing person and a loyal friend

I will screenshot all of your messages of support (they were all of support) and allow for inspiration as I dedicate this week’s show to you….which means I have to play Damian, Pain and Vocal Image…Freeze, Willie Valentin, Synthia Figueroa, Artie and Legit!

God bless you and your family

Thank you for sharing your Freestyle Love Language with the world – This is why we celebrate you; we mourn you and already miss you.

Genuine People like you are so hard to find.

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