CPR’s UNOfficial Official Awards (2022)

CPR’s UNOfficial Official Awards (2022)

Nora Yvelle –
The best new Freestyle Artist in any category is Nora Yvelle. Her debut single, Secret Admirer cemented her as the break through Artist of 2022 with soulful vocals, smooth lyrics and great production.
BEST FREESTYLE COMEBACK: DENINEIn 2022, we saw the return of The Queen of Canadian Freestyle, Elissa, Brandon and New England’s own, Billy Ray. But no other Artist made a bigger impact like, Denine who traded her Philly Freestyle Sound for and updated, hard hitting Freestyle song, Out My Body; a female empowering party record that captivated the genre written by Tazmania alum, Jonelle. If that wasn’t enough, her spine tingling rendition of Last Chance will captivate your mind, body and soul with her excellent vocal performance.
FREESTYLE MVP OF 2022: Nelson Rego No one has released more quality Freestyle in 2022 than the MVP of Freestyle Releases, Nelson Rego

Even If It’s Forever – 418 Freestyle
Lose Control – 418 Freestyle
Just Another Day – 418 Music
Say That You Will
Into the Night
Freestyle Album: Persistent (Nov 21)
Surrender 2 Me (Dec 1)
BEST FREESTYLE EXTENDED MIX: Mambo Lebron featuring Chrissy I-eece “Take Me Away” – There are layers and layers of goodness in the production of Take Me Away; this song is an experience! A 7 minute 36 second journey (Extended Club Mix) that includes Latin Sounds, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance and top tier seamless production that transitions with perfection with killer samples and breaks. On FM radio playing a lengthy song like this is a “no, no” as more and more listener’s attention spans continue to dwindle. When you play this song – it doesn’t matter – Once you hit play you have to take the entire journey; you will enjoy the ride; you have NO choice…it’s that damn good


This year we said goodbye to D. Mike whose swan song was a free download of his remix for TKA’s “TRUE LOVE” – available for free at cprsmusic.com. We also heard unique sounds on Angel Mena’s NSR version of “Those Eyes” by Jenaro. These two remixes are examples of the intricacies that go into making Freestyle Remixes, unique.

THE FREESTYLE REMIXER OF THE YEAR: Willie Valentin “Out My Body” Artistik Remix

“Everybody in the House Getting Tipsy” – Nuff Said! How do you make a Female Freestyle Empowerment Record even better? You get an Artistik Remix! Denine’s “Out My Body” Artistik Remix is the feel good, Freestyle Party Record you have been waiting for mixing the classic and current sound with a HIP HOP sample that will make your body move
FREESTYLE PRODUCER OF THE YEAR: if you look at CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2022 there are songs produced by Jay Alams, Willie Valentin, Mambo Lebron, Kenny Diaz, Edwin Ramos, Carlos “After Dark” Berrios, The Santana Twins, Rob Federicci, Artie Rodriguez, Lenny Ruckus, DJ Merk One, Julio Mena and The Original Richie Rich; there are a few other producers that are not listed; for that we apologize. This is a collective celebration that should not be taken for granted and applauded. And though some contributed more than others they are all equally important in the preservation of quality Freestyle Music
WORST FREESTYLE ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Every Freestyle Artist who did not conduct themselves as an Artist.

In the music business, an Artist has a certain level of respect for the genre they represent. There is a level of mystique and style of communication that endears the Freestyle supporter to become a fan of the Artist. For many of the new Artists in this genre, they use tactics not conducive to a positive result. Most don’t have an EPK, Electronic Press Kit (bio, music, credits etc) and go on social media to demand for the DJ, radio show to play them without introducing themselves or submitting their material; they assume they are known by name dropping the person who produced their song.