The Final TKA Freestyle Song
It’s important to me to thank some people who have helped me along my path in music from start till now. First and foremost, To our God for everything under the sun. I want to thank my wife Yilda and kids (Jason, Aaron & Ella) for always supporting me and not complaining every time when I was consumed with work. Thank you, family, for your love and support. I want to thank hip hop music & dance music for birthing this sound call Freestyle. I would like to thank the town of East harlem (El Barrio NYC). Growing up in these streets taught and molded me as a song writer and  singer & performer. I would like to thank what was then TKA.  Ray SPIDER Rivera rest in eternal peace my friend thank you for teaching me what cool looked like and having my back in the streets. To Ralph Aby Cruz no one will ever understand what you and I have endured to make and maintain these dreams of ours but when there was no one, when no one knew our names, you listened to me and my songs. Your humbleness and love was the basis for what we,as a group, first showed the world. Even during our worst moments I held that within my heart.  You are a special person,  I am proud of you and all you have gone threw to get here.  To the Queen of Salsa music Linda La India Caballero God knew what he was doing when he placed you within us. He knew what he was doing when he guided you off to your solo success. You were and are a unique power house of sound and I am honored to say I was there at your start. Tony Ortiz & last but not least Joey Gardner some of you have never met Joey, but when I first met him at the offices of Tommy boy Records in 1984, He would listened to my half baked songs regularly and agreed to come see us live which changed all of our lives. Thank you, Joey, for believing in this even when we got in our own way. Thank you for the tough love and leadership and the insights. We didn’t make it easy but you somehow managed to make each day a learning experience and I appreciated that. Thank you, for defining our sound and years of management. I would like to also thank Angel Vasquez & George Lamond Garcia for their time as members of the group. I want to thank what is TKA now Carlos Los Reyes Wilson  and Tre Vasquez for your faith in me to get the job done and your willingness to step in to revive and keep this going. You are both my family always, hell or high water. Thank you for your Tru Kru Brotherhood. To my extended family my sisters & brother To my amazing extra sister Betty dee Lebron (simply put tater tot’s with extra Himalayan sea salt ) thank you my production partner Pascal Pversion Zumaque for your guidance true friendship & brotherhood and your amazing talent thank you to Sal Fever Abbatiello , Brian Rosenberg,Tony Moran, Albert Cabrera, Andy Panda, Marc Anthony Muñoz, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Charlie Pena, Victor & Valentin Popovic, Julio Brinez, Marilyn Malave , Nelly Perez , John Lindsey , Kenneth Diaz , Jose TY FLY Gonzalez , Fareed Abdulla , Andrew Welsh , Noel Mercado , Fred Parra , Mario Nonstop Nieves Scott Ialacci , Jose Coro , Cynthia Torres , Ty Furman , Carlos Berrios , Judy Torres , Jeff Soave Martinez, Ivan Mate Chevere, Victor Matos, Leroy Temple, Luis Marte, Daniel Morales,  Craig Derry, Tom Silverman, Monica Lynch, Frank Malave, Miguel Melendez, Vito Bruno, Eugene Introna, Tommy Uzzo,Mike Lorello, Mac Qual, Will Downing, Edwin Ramos, CPR Jose Ortiz, Willie Valentin, Alisa B, Gino Caporale, Samuel Lopez. If I didn’t mention you don’t be offended these are all the people I’ve recorded freestyle with it is not a symbol of whether your important or not so.

Now allow a disclaimer before I proceed.   

From the start of this note I mentioned names of some that I do not have relationships with today and probably never will again, but I would be remiss if I didn’t give recognition to all those were in attendance throughout my time with that said don’t confuse it with some form of reconciliation.
Finally, I want to especially thank all my fellow Freestyle Artist for your great music our personal friendships and competitive nature. Without your push, I never would have pursued half of the opportunities that came my way. Every time you challenged me to go forward boldly, I felt empowered. You are single-handedly responsible for a big portion of my desire to do what we do. Thank you, all for your push. Thank you, everyone, who bought any or every freestyle song we ever recorded throughout my career. I’m grateful & proud to have recorded this genre (without a d) of for so long  with a clear mind and a healthy body. I hope that those who are at the ready or have yet to discover this sound and take it to a new and modern era where it will be respected as it should be. please treat the music and each other with respect so that it gains the respect it truly merits. ps I’m not dead yet I will still perform my freestyle music I’m just choosing to leave the recording of it to its new generation. there are other forms of music out there and I want to try my hand at them before God says I’m done. So that said “Don’t be Afraid” these deadly “Scars of Love” & “Broken Dreams” have made it possible and now “Tears May Fall” the cries may be “Louder than Love” but “Something in My Heart” tells me how lucky that “You Are the One”  “True Love” and I was honored to have you “Give Your Love to Me” and for a brief moment have all you say “ How I Love Him” I thank every “Maria” I ever met for making me question “Is It Love“ and those who also taught me and said “Don’t Call it Love” when it wasn’t real. Now I will forever wonder about recording  freestyle like “when will I see you again” knowing that “I’m not coming back” I’m proud of how we “let it go” &”set it off “ I was allowed to “live my life”during tough times 30 plus years of recording freestyle showed me that “love goes on”  with my hands out reached to the heaven screamin “Momma” I did it. I’m proud of these achievements all I ever wanted was to say “I’ll make you feel good” or in the least make your “body rock” I’m grateful and with a lump in my throat I got “no words” but to say thank you I find now that time is “Running” at a full speed and like a bad pun “Slipping Through My Hands” so I actually care for what I do not to “Forsake Me” or the music keep it in your heart like a “Spanish Lullaby” and remember one thing about music it’s that it lives forever. as I step into the future I leave my Original persona Kayel “Living in the 1980’s” for freestyle & my contribution as one of many is a time capsule to what was then.

Thank you 

( these words do not apply to K7)