768. CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Universe (The Original, The Standard, The Only)

CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Podcast (CLICK ME!)

CPR’s Freestyle Countdown! The Original! The Standard! The Only… Freestyle Countdown That Matters features only TOP TIER Freestyle Songs with great production, writing and singers of the genre; NO FILERS! NO TWEETS! NO FAKE VOTES!

This is the CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Universe Episode 768 as featured on The Freestyle Flagship, Club House Dance Music on 90.7FM WTCC in Western MA and CT

Will Willie Valentin be number one for three weeks in a row?

Featuring the latest Freestyle Music from Brenda K Starr, Chrissy I-eece, Denine, Elissa, Joe Zangie, Nelson Rego, TRL, Nora Yvelle and Jay Rivera

Plus – 3 Mixes

Mini Freestyle Mix by DJ Cliff Potts

30 Min Freestyle Mix by DJ Porkie

30 Min Freestyle Mix by Jesus The Juice Vazquez