755. CPR’s Clubhouse (Mona Lisa)

This is the two hour presentation of CPR’s Clubhouse on the Freestyle Flagship, Club House Dance Music on 90.7 FM in Western MA and Northern Ct.

  • CPR’s Freestyle Countdown is featured first with songs from Billy Ray, Joe Zangie, George Anthony, Elissa, Nelson Rego and much more (45 Minutes) with Coro’s new Dance/Pop Remix of Mona Lisa by Joe Magic
  • DJ Cliff Potts Freestyle Mix (15 minutes)
  • 1990 Retro Club House Dance Music Party Mix by DJ J1 aka Jay Sole (30 Minutes)
  • The Vinyl Assassin, DJ Cliff Potts Freestyle Mix (30 Minute Mix)

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CPR’s Clubhouse Radio Show

Catch CPR’s Clubhouse on FM Radio Club House Dance Music 90.7 FM WTCC Thursdays 6pm est Fridays 8pm est Click here to listen live https://tunein.com/radio/WTCC-907-s23… featuring CPR Jose Ortiz, The Duchess, Cheryl Rodriguez and mini mixes by DJ Cliff Potts

CPR’s Clubhouse Crew, CA on Hot 97.7 in San Jose California Fridays at NOON est/ 9am pst

Catch the show live Fridays a 12 NOON est and 9am pst

CPR’s Clubhouse Crew : NYC Sundays 5pm est – 7pm est https://party1019.com/ https://www.iheart.com/live/party-101.9

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