750. CPR’s Clubhouse (40 Years of Planet Rock)

750. CPR’s Clubhouse (40 Years of Planet Rock)

On April 17, 1982, the most influential piece of music was introduced; Afrika Bambatta and Soul Sonic Force, PLANET ROCK

Written by Arthur Baker and John Robie with Music by Planet Patrol

Not only did this sound influence Hip Hop but is the sound that spurred, Freestyle Music

Listen to TKA’s K7 talk about how the song influence his group and the Freestyle genre.

CPR Jose Ortiz then presents some of the best Freestyle Songs with the Planet Rock Sample featuring Jocelyn Enriquez, Rockell, Buffy, Collage and so much more. Plus the most influential song which introduced Freestyle to the Planet Rock era, Lil’ Suzy’ s Take Me In Your Arms

The Vinyl Assassin, DJ Cliff Potts returns with a PLANET ROCK MIX
11 Planet Rock songs mixed in 10 Minutes


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