734.CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2021 Part Two: (20-01)

It’s Part 2 of CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2021 – Who will be number one for 2021?

Aby Cruz – It Won’t Be Long

AKtual – Don’t Forsake Me

Anthony Ramos – Love and Lies

Brenda K Starr – I Miss You (Da Bronx Remix)

C Bank – He’s Just A Step Below Me

E’dee – Sunrise (Redemption Remix)

Fly Groove f George Lamond – I Believe In Love

Jasmine Denis – Stars (Artistik Remix)

Jenaro f Jenni Renee – Scars ( Artistik Remix)

Lisette Melendez – Stop! In the Name of Love

Luis Marte – 100 MPH

Marilyn Torres – In Exchange For What

Mark Milan – I’m Going Crazy (D Mike Remix)

Mia – Inside Out

Monet – Who’s Holding You Now

Nelson Rego – Broken

Nelson Rego – We Weren’t Meant To Be

Nyasia – Time

Rudy Fausto – Walking Away

Synthia Figueroa – Now That You’re Gone