731. CPR’s Clubhouse Crew – NYC (12.19.21)

CPR’s Clubhouse Crew – NYC is live every Sunday at 5pm est for 2 hours, featuring The Duchess, Cheryl Rodriguez, The Vinyl Assassin, DJ Cliff Potts and CPR Jose Ortiz

Set 1 – 30 Minutes – Freestyle Classics with The Duchess, Cheryl Rodriguez

Set 2 – 30 Minute Freestyle Mix by The Vinyl Assassin, DJ Cliff Potts

Set 3 – CPR’s Clubhouse Retro: The Number Ones (2009-2020) – Listen to every Freestyle song who was number one for each year on CPR’s Year End Freestyle Countdown for 11 years. Hosted by CPR Jose Ortiz

Get links to the CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Podcast at https://link.chtbl.com/_li89zL2