730. CPR RETRO: Tazmania Records Top 25 Countdown

The Tazmania Top 25 Countdown (Collector’s Edition) includes both part of this two week event. Featuring the entire 2 hours and 20 minute, 2 part broadcast CPR’s Clubhouse counts down the Top 25 songs on Tazmania Records (PART 1 of 1) From Volume 1 to Series A, we take a trip to the 90s and feature music between 1993 to 1999. Featuring Stefanie Bennett, Pain, Bobby Delante, Kuriosity, Denisha, Soniya, Joe Zangie, Pure Pleazure, Yanda, Julie, Rhythmcentric and Gina Lanze.

TAZMANIA TOP 25 COUNTDOWN (PART 2 of 2) featuring THE FRACKIN FLATLEAVERS, CPR Jose Ortiz, Phillip Anthony and Angel Mena with special guest Erik Christian and his wife Nikki Cavalier. As we countdown the remaining portion of the Top 25 songs on Tazmania Records including Sammy C, Soniya, Pain, Miguel Reyes Jr, Samantha, Denisha, Pure Pleazure and Quadlibet. With commentary, laughter and the ONLY top 10 Countdown That Matters, its CPRs Clubhouse The Podcast. Available on itunes, podOmatic, soundcloud and the STITCHER app of smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Visit us at www.cprsmusic.com #Tazmania Records