In Memory of Benjamin Castro (DJ Porkie FREESTYLE Mixes OMNIBUS)

In Memory of Benjamin Castro (DJ Porkie Mixes OMNIBUS)

In memory of Benjamin Castro, DJ Porkie, CPR’s Clubhouse Crew dedicated this week’s programming on 90.7 FM WTCC (Massachusetts/ Connecticut) , Rhythm 105.9 FM (California) and Party 1019 (New York) to his Freestyle mixes

On this week’s CPR’s Clubhouse, The Freestyle Podcast we do the same by featuring a DJ Porkie FREESTYLE Mixes OMNIBUS; a volume containing several mixes previously published separately

Mix 1. – CPR’s Birthday Mix 2014 featuring George Anthony, J. Alams and much more

Mix 2. – DJ Porkie Mix as featured on Club House Dance Music CT Style on 89.3 FM WRTC (Hartford CT)

Mixes 3 and 4. – CPR vs Porkie Volumes 1 and 2

Mix 5. Angel Mena NSR Mix


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RUNTIME 4 hrs 15 min

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