CPR’s Clubhouse Crew: California (Inside Out 3Xs)

CPR’s Clubhouse Crew: California (Inside Out 3Xs)

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CPR’s Freestyle Countdown returns with the hottest songs in Freestyle right now featuring

  • Jae Mazor – All Through The Night ( Jay Alams Remix)
  • Jenaro featuring Jennie Renee – Scars (Remix)
  • Synthia Figueroa – Now That You’re Gone
  • E’dee – Sunrise (Redemption Remix)
  • Nelson Rego – Broken and We Weren’t Meant To Be
  • Jasmine Denis – Stars
  • Marilyn Torres – In Exchange For What
  • Rudy Fausto – Walking Away
  • Mia – Inside Out

Plus a Mini Mix by The Vinyl Assassin, DJ Cliff Potts

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