CPR’s Clubhouse Crew: California – (MannyStylez)

CPR’s Clubhouse Crew: California – (MannyStylez)

New England Freestyle Artist, Manuel Rivera Jr. aka Manny (Stylez) passed away on 02.07.2021. This episode of CPR’s Clubhouse is dedicated in honor of this Bridgeport Ct native.

As an Artist, MANNY released songs like Lady Laura (East Coast Records), Knight in Shinning Armor (Flipzide Records), Darkness of Night (Prime Time Records), I Thank You (East Coast Records) and Be My Lady.

As a writer, MANNY wrote songs for various Artists including Nina Martinez, Phillip Anthony, Freeze and Pure Trend

On this episode, The Vinyl Assassin, Cliff Potts mixes some of his best songs

Plus CPR’s Freestyle Countdown for week ending 02.14.2021

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