CPR’s Clubhouse Crew: New York

It’s February 7, 2021 and today we debut on PARTY101.9 – New York – A Nexus Media Company. Available on iHeartRadio and Party1019.com

CPR’s Clubhouse Crew: New York features CPR’s Freestyle Countdown – The ONLY Freestyle Countdown That Matters! A weekly Freestyle Countdown that features the HOTTEST NEW Freestyle Songs with more EXCLUSIVE NEW Freestyle Music than any other show – Hosted by CPR Jose Ortiz

The Freestyle Classics with The Duchess, Cheryl Rodriguez playing the best of Freestyle from the 80’s and 90’s

The Freestyle Mix by The Vinyl Assassin, DJ Cliff Potts – 3 Turntables/ 1 DJ – featuring New and Classic Freestyle blended to perfection by New York’s Finest.


CPR’s Clubhouse Crew – Party1019.com – Sundays 5pm-7pm est featuring CPR’s Freestyle Countdown with CPR Jose Ortiz, 30 Minute Freestyle Mix by The Vinyl Assassin, DJ Cliff Potts and Freestyle Classics by The Duchess, Cheryl Rodriguez

This debut episode is dedicated to the memory of Benjamin Castro, DJ Porkie (02.07.1975-07.08.2015)

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Episode 680