CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2020 P2 (30-21)

CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2020 P2 (30-21)

It’s the year in review! The Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2020 on CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Countdown

In 2020, 100+ songs were submitted for rotation on CPR’s Clubhouse, Club House Dance Music and Freestyle Flashbacks on 90.7 FM WTCC in Western MA and CT and Rhythm 105.9 FM California.

Out of 100, 61 songs were on rotation and 40 of those songs made our year end countdown list.

On Part Two of CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2020 we feature 30-29

(Listed in Alphabetical Order – Press play to listen!)

Charlie XO – Haunted

E’dee – Sunrise

Elvira Miglino – My Reason Why

Julio Mena – Never End

Lisette Melendez – Stop! In The Name Of Love

Luis Marte – Apology IOU

Mark Milan – I’m Going Crazy

ReWIND  – Eyes On You

Stevie B. – Take It All Back

Synthia Figueroa – Now That You’re Gone

Plus a mix by DJ Cliff Potts: The Vinyl Assassin

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