CPR’s Clubhouse: The Freestyle Podcast featuring Lisette Melendez

On this week’s edition of CPR’s Clubhouse: The Freestyle Podcast we countdown the Top 10 Freestyle Songs in all of Freestyle in the first hour.

Featuring TKA, Carlos Berrios vs Sammy Zone featuring C Bank, Jasmine Denis, E’dee, Joanna Hanson, Adelis, Diddle D, George Anthony featuring Cynthia and a new addition to this week’s Freestyle Countdown. Will A’Lisa B continue to be number one? Click play to find out!

In our second hour we have an in depth interview with Lisette Melendez (Together Forever, A Day in My Life Without You, Stay, Rise) in a no holds barred conversation. Plus Cliff Potts presents The LM Mini Mix

Visit Lisette Melendez at LADYBUGRECORDS.COM

Purchase songs like Rise, Stay and Engañame by clicking on the link

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