CPR’s Clubhouse: The Freestyle Podcast (So Many Words)

CPR’s Clubhouse: The Freestyle Podcast (So Many Words)

These are the hottest songs in Freestyle right now; BUT WHO WILL BE NUMBER ONE?


  • TKA – Slipping Through My Hands
  • George Anthony – You Should’ve Told Me
  • Carlos Berrios vs Sammy Zone – Believe In Love (featuring C-Bank)
  • Willie Valentin – Dedicate My Love
  • A Lisa B – Memories of Love
  • Jessee B – This Is Life
  • Diddle D – Into the Night
  • Adelis – Dragon
  • Raul Soto featuring A Lisa B – I Don’t Know
  • Luis Marte – Apology IOU

Plus a second premiere of Tonasia – SO MANY WORDS

Plus a Mini Mega Mix by Cliff Potts

You’ll Be OK – Ricardo Vazquez feat. Joseph Staub

Love You Down – Joanna Hansen

Magical – Lily Rose

Into The Night (Artistik Remix) – Diddle D

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