CPR’s Clubhouse: The Freestyle Podcast (So Many Words To Love You Down)

CPR’s Clubhouse: The Freestyle Podcast (So Many Words To Love You Down)

On This 2 hours episode we feature remixes of Diddle D – Into the Night and Joanna Hansen – Love You Down both remixed by Willie Valentin (Artistik Remix)

We also countdown the hottest songs in Freestyle right now


  • TKA – Slipping Through My Hands
  • Adelis – Dragon
  • Raul Soto f. A’ Lisa B – I Don’t Know
  • Sharyn Maceren – God Only Knows
  • Chrissy I-eece – All These Memories
  • E’dee – I Truly Love You
  • Carlos Berrios vs Sammy Zone – Believe In Love f. C-Bank
  • Jae Mazor – Breath Away
  • Luis Marte – Apology IOU
  • George Anthony – You Should’ve Told Me
  • Willie Valentin – Dedicate My Love
  • A’ Lisa B – Memories of Love
  • Audi Medina – Good Night
  • Devor – Tell Me
  • Jenaro – Love Again
  • Aiki f. Tito Puente Jr – Summer Nights
  • Fabian – Hearts on Fire
  • Jessee B – This Is Life
  • Elvira Miglino – My Reason

Plus the 90.7 FM WTCC and 105.FM The Rhythm premiere of Tonasia’s SO MANY WORDS.

And that is NOT all!

The Only Vinyl Assassin That Matters, Cliff Potts brings us a 10 minute mix to complete the show

This is Life (Artistik Remix) – Jessee B

Dedicate My Love (JW Remix) – Willie Valentin

Dragon (Breathing Fire Mix) – Adelis

Tell Me 2020 – Devor

Stay (The NY Vinyl to Miami Assassin Mix) – Lisette Melendez

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