CPR’s Clubhouse: The Freestyle Podcast (Gridlocked)

CPR’s Clubhouse: The Freestyle Podcast (Gridlocked)

There is a Freestyle Traffic Jam on CPR’s Top 20 Freestyle Countdown; Gridlocked!

The hottest songs in Freestyle right now are GRIDLOCKED! with no movement featuring TKA, George Anthony, Diddle D, Jessee B, Fabian, Willie Valentin, Jae Mazor, Pure Pleazure, Sharyn Maceren, Audi Medina, Elvira Miglino, The First Family of Freestyle, Mia, Chrissy Ieece, Taina, E’dee, TOQ, Luis Marte, Devor and much more

Plus new music from Raul Soto f. A Lisa B – I Don’t Know and featuring the CPR’s Clubhouse Mix of Legendary by A Lisa B

Lady Bug Records presents Lissette Melendez, Stay

Plus a mix by DJ Cliff Potts, The Vinyl Assassin

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