August 3, 2020

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TKA: The Making of Slipping Through My Hands

TKA: The Making of Slipping Through My Hands

CPR’s Clubhouse The Freestyle Podcast proudly presents TKA: The Making of Slipping Through My Hands. Featuring commentary from TKA, Willie Valentin, A Lisa B and CPR Jose Ortiz


  • The Group: TKA – The Greatest Freestyle Group of All Time lends their voice to this instant Freestyle hit already added to FM Radio nationwide sung by Front-man, K7
  • The Writer : A Lisa B, formerly of the group Max-A-Million and writer of Freestyle songs like Rochelle – Praying For An Angel, Issac – In My Heart and her number one Freestyle song of 2018, Legendary, puts her thoughts to paper with this excellent song that is surely to captivate your mind with the catchy hook.
  • The Producer: Willie Valentin has single handed kept Freestyle music alive in the last 25 years being the only Producer to provide opportunities for hundreds of Freestyle Artists a platform to be heard
  • The Executive Producer: CPR Jose Ortiz is the host of Club House Dance Music on 90.7 FM WTCC in New England and has the number one Freestyle Show in all of Freestyle, CPR’s Clubhouse. 2 shows that pride themselves by playing quality Freestyle. CPR is the person who put this project together.


WMBaker Music © 2018
Lying here beside you
But it feels like you’re a world away
We used to talk for hours
Now you never have that much to say to me
Could it be that there’s another love
That you’d rather see
When I try to hold you
You never seem to have the time
When you say you love
It never seems to reach your eyes
I can see you changin’
I can read between the lines
If it’s really over
What will I do with my life
I can feel your love just slippin’ through my hands
Tryin’ to hold your hearts like holding on to sand
The thought of losing you is more than I can stand
I can feel your love just slippin’ through my hands
Never saw it coming
Now it feels so different when we touch
I know our love is real
But now it feels like you need more than I can give
Can we find a way to start again
Where do we begin
(Repeat Change & Chorus)

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