CPR’s Clubhouse (Dedicate My Love)

It’s the EXCLUSIVE World Premiere of Willie Valentin, DEDICATE MY LOVE.

Available right now at www.WILLIEVALENTIN.com featuring mixes from Willie Valentin, Michael Anthony Bertot and Pete DOS Othman

Listen to Willie Valentin discuss the meaning of this song at the 30:00 minute mark with this EXCLUSIVE interview.

Plus CPR’s Top 10 Countdown features Blue Ivy, Stevie B, Jenni Renee, Jae Mazor, Taina, Angelica Joni, Jae Mazor Adelis, Pure Pleazure

Plus music from TKA and Cynthia featuring Judy Torres Don’t Call It Love available at www.FirstFamilyofFreestyle.com

Listen to CPR’s Clubhouse Podcast by clicking the links to the following apps: CLICK HERE or CHOOSE FROM THE LIST

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