CPR’s Clubhouse (2008-2019)

CPR’s Clubhouse (2008-2019)

Who will be number one for 2019?

On this 2 hour episode of CPR’s Clubhouse we play the number one songs in Freestyle for the years 2008 to 2018

We also play the top contenders for number one song of 2019 including George Anthony vs George Lamond, Lisette Melendez, Shawn Davis, Shy, Jenni Renee, Johnny O, Aiki, Audi Medina and much more

Here are the number one songs from 2008-2018

A Lisa B featuring Charlie Babie – Legendary
#1 song of 2018

Gabriella – Temptation
#1 song of 2017

TKA – True Love
# 1 song of 2016

George Anthony – Nothing Like Your Love
#1 song of 2015

Previous #1 Songs of the Year

(2014) Synthia Figueroa – Ready or Not

(2013) George Anthony -Summer Love

(2012) J. Alams -You Are The One

(2011) Angel Mena – Loving You

(2010) TKA – Set It Off

(2009) Stevie B – Different Kind of Love

(2008) Sammy Zone – Without You

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