CPR’s Clubhouse (Voices In My Head Again)


CPR’s Clubhouse (Voices In My Head Again)I

Aki Starr’s Voices In My Head looks be number one for two weeks in a row on CPR”s Top 10 Countdown; the only top 10 countdown in the entire Freestyle universe, that matters

Click the link to listen to Aki Starr as he joins us on The Freestyle Club Podcast

The Top 10 Countdown features

  • Aki Starr – Voices In My Head
  • Julio Mena – It Don’t Matter
  • Sharyn Maceren – Reverse
  • Jae Mazor – You Don’t Know Me
  • Aiki – You Never Did Me Right
  • Audi Media – Need You Alone
  • Jasmine Denis – It’s Over
  • Lily Rose – Magical
  • Shy featuring George Anthony, Jaide, Anita Marie and TyBless – With All My Heart
  • and a brand new song will be added to the countdown

Plus exclusive new music from Johnny O – My One and Only and Mark Milan – The Comeback

CPR’s Clubhouse Podcast Links:

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