CPR’s Clubhouse (Blood Brother)

CPR’s Top 10 Countdown kicks off this 2 hours episode as we pay tribute to my Blood Brother, DJ Porkie on what would have been his 44th birthday with a mix from 2011 which focused on promoting The Freestyle Rush Tour. Plus Alex Zuniga pays tribute to his Brothers with the Mr. Exclusive debut of NUNCA 2019 produced by Artie Rodriguez

In 2011, The Freestyle Rush Tour stopped in Springfield MA; as part of the promotion for the event DJ Porkie presented The Freestyle Rush Tour Mix (2011) as part of his show, Club House Dance Music (CT Style) on 89.3 FM WRTC

Set Includes

  • Willie Valentin – How I Love Thee
  • Willie Valentin – I’ve Been Waiting
  • Freeze featuring Willie Valentin – She’s Mine
  • Willie Valentin – It’s Was Always You
  • Cynthia – What Will It Take
  • Cynthia – Save Your Love For Me
  • George Lamond – Lately
  • George Lamond – Without You (vocal remix version)
  • George Lamond – I’ts Always You
  • Freeze – Someday
  • Freeze – Give Me
  • Freeze – Come Back To Me
  • Freeze – Without You
  • TKA – Give Your Love To Me
  • TKA – Louder Than Love
  • K7 – Body Rock
  • Stevie B – Different Kind of Love
  • Stevie B – Young Girl
  • Stevie B – You Are The One

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