September 30, 2020

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CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs 2k18 (Part One)

CPR's Top 40 Freestyle Songs of 2018 (Part One) featuring Robert Barko, J. Alams and Shy

CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs 2k18 (Part One)

Every year we award the number 40th spot on CPR’s TOP 40 Freestyle Songs of the Year to an Artist(s) who promotes themselves and earns an audience without the support of our radio show; the spot is called “The Artie Rodriguez NEWBIE SPOT”.

This year that spot goes to Robert Bartko

Robert Barko kicks off CPR’s Top 40 FREESTYLE Songs of 2018 by calling into Club House Dance Music Live as we discuss his music career, releases and future plans

Plus CPR’s Clubhouse Original, J. Alams stops by the studio to present new music from The Man They Call, Shy.

Part One of CPR’s Top 40 Freestyle Songs features music from TKA, Jocelyn Enriquez, Wendy, Miguel Reyes Jr, Sharyn Maceren, Tony Marino, Natalia, Taina, La Bouche, Remio, Victoria, Nick Colon, Stefanie Bennett, Damian, Quadlibet, ALEXiA, Rebekka, Taina, Jacqueline Rose, LSP, Luis Marte and much more

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