The Freestyle Club: Episode 14 (Mama Slushii)


The Freestyle Club: Episode 14 (Mama Slushii)

Release Date: 11/28/2018

Welcome to The Freestyle Club – Mama Slushii – Episode 14, with Mama Slushii, Recording Artist Wendy.

We sit down with Wendy to discuss how she got her start in Freestyle music. We review her releases and how she became Artistik’s first female artist. Listen in as Wendy talks about putting her career on hold as she shifted her focus from her own career to those of her children.

Wendy talks about her struggles as a single parent trying to bring her children’s dreams to a reality. Today her son, Slushii, is a world-famous DeeJay. In fact, Slushii had just wrapped up a set in California and was on his way to spin in Japan as we recorded this episode.

We pick up Wendy’s career as of 2018 with her latest release “If I Tell You“. Wendy tells us about working with The Santana Twins and singing a song that she didn’t write. We finish up talking about future projects for 2019.

Freestyle News And Hot Pick Of The Week

Tune in as we each give our opinions on the current hot topics and events currently in Freestyle. We also pick a track each week that we consider to be noteworthy.

Hot Pick of The Week

Wendy Pick: Beginning of The End by Marisol
DaUnknownAdmin Pick: If I Tell You by Wendy
CPR Jose Ortiz Pick: For All My Life by Luis Marte

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