The Freestyle Club: (Episode 12: Ménage à Freestyle Part One)


The Freestyle Club: (Episode 12: Ménage à Freestyle Part One)

In this episode of The Freestyle Club: Ménage à Freestyle Episode 12, we invite an artist to pick a topic for discussion.Please join Radio Personality CPR Jose Ortiz, Life Long Freestyle Fan, and Former DeeJay – DaUnknownAdmin, as we welcome Alex Zùñiga of Latin Nation to the conversation.The Freestyle Club welcomes Alex Zùñiga of Latin Nation to sit in the third chair and have an honest conversation. In this episode, we’ll table about the creation of  Latin Nation and why he continues to use the name. We’ll get into his early years in the Freestyle industry, what he learned from those experiences and how they shaped his outlook.Alex reveals how his current compilation “A Class of Their Own” came to be and how he has been able to keep it going into its third release, A Class of Their Own, The Menagerie. He talks strategy, setbacks, and successes with his project and shares his vision for its future.Lastly, The Freestyle Club has a frank discussion about how Alex has been perceived both good and bad in the Freestyle Industry. How he uses the memories of his brothers to motivate himself and why regardless of the harsh criticism he continues on the path he has set for himself.

Where To Find Alex of Latin Nation.


Freestyle News And Pick Hit Of The Week

Tune in as we each give our opinions on the current hot topics and events currently in Freestyle. We also pick a track each week that we consider to be noteworthy.Alex Zùñiga: Born To Love You by E’Dee CPR Jose Ortiz: Beth by TKA DaUnknownAdmin: Shine by Stephanie Bennet

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You can join the discussion on our Facebook group page; The Freestyle Club. We welcome all subjects related to Freestyle Music. No subject is taboo. All we ask is that you conduct yourself in a responsible, respectable manner.

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