August 3, 2020

CPR's Clubhouse

The #1 Freestyle Show in All of Freestyle

CPR’s Clubhouse (REDUXED)

CPR’s Clubhouse (REDUXED)

Berrios vs Zone dominated the Freestyle community this week as we celebrated the release featuring Sammy Zone, TKA/K7, George Lamond and C Bank. 

Join us this week on the latest edition of CPR’s Clubhouse and the Top 10 Countdown as we present the hottest Freestyle songs in Freestyle today

Hosted by CPR Jose Ortiz and recorded live from 90.7FM WTCC in Western MA.

With music from Lisette Melendez, Sony Recording Group, AP3, Sharyn Maceren, Miguel Reyes Jr., Rudy Fausto, Victoria featuring Nick Colon, Diddle D. Plus the next generation of Freestyle is represented by ALEXiA and Natalia

Other songs featured on this episode include Quadlibet’s rendition of TAKE ME, Stefanie Bennett’s new song, SHINE and the CPR’s Clubhouse Remix of LEGENDARY by A LISA B




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