CPR’s Clubhouse (If I Come Back Intoxicated)

CPR’s Clubhouse (If I Come Back Intoxicated)

Episode 440 is recorded live from 90.7 FM WTCC in Springfield MA

Willie Valentin Co-hosts this episode of the Top 10 Countdown as we discuss the next generation of Freestyle, Audi Medina, ALEXiA and Natalia. Plus the Mr. Exclusive Debut of VICTORIA featuring NICK COLON, IF I COME BACK.

Lisette Melendez – RISE vs Julio Mena – INTOXICATED fight for the number one spot!


Featuring music from 

  • Diddle D – The Truth
  • Rudy Fausto – Strings of My Heart
  • AP3 – Just The Same
  • Sharyn Maceren – All Day All Night
  • Quadlibet – Just Want To
  • ALEXiA – Starlight (Artie Rodriguez Freestyle Mix)
  • Natalia – Be Strong
  • Audi Medina – No More

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