Sharyn Maceren Night 3: The Definitive Top 10 Countdown


Sharyn Maceren Night 3: The Definitive Top 10

We celebrate the release of Shayn Maceren’s new album, THE ONE by counting down the most requested fans favorites in the history of Club House Dance Music and the CPR’s Clubhouse Podcast

This is the definitive top 10 countdown of Sharyn Maceren’s previous releases including albums and maxi singles. The songs listed represent the songs that our audience from New England requested and the time she hit the Top 10 countdown charts

Kicking off the CPR’s Clubhouse Podcast on Sharyn Maceren Night 3 are choice cuts from her album, THE ONE.

Click here to purchase all of Sharyn Maceren’s releases including her new album, THE ONE

Choice cuts from THE ONE include

The Definite Sharyn Maceren Top 10 Countdown STARTS AT 20:37

Plus we talk to Sharyn Maceren in a fun and interactive interview STARTS AT 01:07:44

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