CPR’s Clubhouse featuring Sharyn Maceren


CPR’s Clubhouse featuring Sharyn Maceren

The sexy, vivacious and equally engaged, Sharyn Maceren joins CPR Jose Ortiz to complete the trilogy. Sharyn’s new album, THE ONE made the iTunes Top Dance Charts and unified a Freestyle community. In this interview we talk about the success of the new album, her engagement, spirituality and catch up with our old friend. Plus Sharyn sings A LITTLE MORE TIME live especially for CPR Jose Ortiz and the Club House Dance Music audience

Get the new Sharyn Maceren Album THE ONE by clicking here

Plus CPR’s Top 10 Countdown returns with Audi Medina looking to remain at number one for 4 weeks in a row. With competition from a new addition to the countdown, Julio Mena.¬† Diddle D, E’dee, Qualibet, Tony Marino, Rudy Fausto, A Lisa B and Sharyn Maceren all earn their spot.

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