CPR’s Clubhouse featuring Ray Guell


CPR’s Clubhouse featuring Ray Guell

In 1992, You Took My Heart from Ray Guell became part of the soundtrack of my life. Listen to my interview with Ray Guell as we discuss my obsession with the song and various topics that include his Freestyle catalog, tours of Brazil and new music. Ray Guell also has a special announcement at the end of the interview.

Plus listen to CPR’s Top 10 Countdown featuring Audi Medina, Edee, Rockell, Diddle D, Rudy Fausto, Qualibet, Tony Marino and a new addition, Sharyn Maceren.

  • Plus the Mr. Exclusive debut of LEGENDARY by A Lisa B, the CPR’s Clubhouse Remix produced by J. Alams and CPR Jose Ortiz

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